Transportation Services

Next Day

Safe and reliable next-day delivery of your shipments to any destination in Puerto Rico. These packages will be delivered from 7:00 AM of the next business day after the pick-up is completed. Real time package tracking, confirmation and proof of delivery are included as an added value.


Pronto AM

Next Day Premium Delivery Service of your shipments to any destination in Puerto Rico before 11 AM, providing cycle delivery benefits for time sensitive movements.



This service allows payment of shipments at time of delivery. Bank deposit service is also a great opportunity for fast access to your money. COD services include a tag with a tracking number and detailed reports, which guarantee processing of the service.



Parcels are delivered to your customers around the island on Saturday. Delivery of your shipments beginning at 8:00 A.M. Take advantage of all our weekend delivery options.


Hold for Pick-Up & Drop Off Locations

Seven strategically located Terminals around the island, all at your convenience to Pick-Up or Drop Off your shipments. Each Terminal provides flexible operating hours six days a week, obtaining additional time and inventory product controls.

  • San Juan
  • Mayagüez
  • Guaynabo (24/7)
  • Arecibo
  • Ponce
  • Caguas

Vieques & Culebra Municipality Islands

IWE offers deferred delivery service to or from (two days per week) Vieques and Culebra. Price for this service is per envelope or package up to 40 lbs./20 lbs. respectively.

Same Day Services

We specialize in providing delivery of time-sensitive materials such as bank pouches, mail bag distribution, internal messenger service, post office mail pick-up and delivery, payrolls, critical parts, prescriptions, medicines and vaccines. This service is available seven days a week, for prestigious clients such as the local banking industry, pharmaceutical companies, the Health Department among others.


Mailroom Management

Experienced on-site full-service mailroom that includes staffing and operations management, with a comprehensive set of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From single mailroom staffing and courier services, to the coordination of multiple locations including Post Office Mail Service, from basic in-house mail processing to high-security environments, count on us for your mailroom needs.



On-Demand delivery is the immediate or scheduled delivery of your time sensitive movements to your customer; initiated immediately after they make their order. With the increase of specific requirement needs, delighting your customers by having their package magically appear the same day as they ordered is proving to be a valued differentiator.

Home Deliveries

Residential shipping service is offered to satisfy all your needs. From bulk pick-ups, parcel deliveries, residential deliveries, or any other needs. Home delivery brings merchandise to the customer's home, providing time and cost benefits. Islandwide knows PR better, we visit every town every day.

Medical Deliveries

We are experts in pharmaceutical, hospital and medical deliveries, including prescriptions, inter-branch transfers, chilled products, orthopedic apparatus, laboratory samples, laboratory supplies, etc. We understand our role of servicing with speed and reliability when it comes to the sensitive nature of these products and its’ special requirements.

Critical Parts Deliveries

Critical Parts Management is key in any effective Logistics and Supply Chain Management operation. We partner with our clients to ensure an immediate response and delivery. We can store and stock your critical parts as well as take care of delivery every step along the way.

  • Rush delivery for critical part replenishment
  • Routed & on-demand delivery service solutions
  • Day-time & after-hours service availability
  • Online real time tracking
  • Flexible fleet delivery services for various capacity demands
  • Secure inventory transportation solutions (Electronics and Manufacturing)

Special Projects

We provide creative input to comply with any special or particular need. Let us help you with simultaneous deliveries due to special campaigns, deadlines, POP material distribution, shoppers, school seasons among many others. Special projects give us the ability to demonstrate our strengths!

E-Commerce Solutions

Islandwide provides a complete solution for the different markets. This solution begins with strong information systems, reliable warehousing and distribution of the product. We will manage your products from warehouse, packaging, hand them to shippers and then send an automated e-mail response to your customers to let them know their packages are in transit. We can also handle supply current inventory levels to your website, reorder products, offer call-center services, send notices of shipping and handle returns.

We understand our rol regarding principal functions or trends in this market… for example:

  • Fast and efficient services.
  • Consolidated sales from one point.
  • Real time information.
  • Specialized Customer Service.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Optimum investment and risk reduction.

Expedited LTL Transportation / Consumer Goods Deliveries

From a point of production or point of storage to a point of sale (retail & chain stores)

  • Consumer goods delivery: FTL/FCL/LTL
  • Delivery of Schedule Appointments
  • Returns / Credit Pick-Up (RMA)
  • On Site Management
  • Hazmat Certified Agents
  • Experts in delivering to major commercial establishments/chains

Domestic Freight Forwarders & Consolidators

We design and execute integrated solutions for the transportation of consolidated and unconsolidated merchandise to all distribution channels: distribution centers, wholesalers, pharmacy chains, retailers and end customers. An extensive transportation network, experienced employees, and efficient systems mean your freight will be picked up and delivered on time. We have technological tools that allow us to have control throughout the process.