Logistics Services

Full 3PL Provider

We provide outsourced logistics services, which encompass anything that involves management of one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities. IWL has the ability that applies to any service contract that involves storing or shipping items. We offer services as a single provider, such as transportation or warehouse storage, or we can be a systemwide bundle of services capable of handling Supply Chain Management.

  • Cross-Docking Operations
  • EDI Integration Capability
  • RF Capable Warehouses
  • Value Added Services (special projects, etc)

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Processes employed to control inventory holding levels, minimize costs and bottlenecks, manage current and future stock requirements, maintain required service levels for internal and external customers and enhance upstream and downstream inventory visibility in the supply chain. Effective inventory management decreases carrying cost and increases customer satisfaction at the same time.

Control Temperature Area

Control Temperature Area dedicated to perishable products or goods such as general supplies and pharmaceuticals, it is essential that the warehouses in which they are stored are attentively controlled. Variations in humidity and temperature may have consequences of disastrous proportions. When goods get transferred to larger spaces, especially warehouses, a variety of problems may arise. Inconsistencies in temperature can occur as racking or shelves may cause "hot spots" by obstructing air circulation. We utilize data loggers, monitor temperature, humidity and other conditions for items in storage or in-transit, guarantee of safe management of your perishable products.

  1. Warehousing of whole packages (through pick-pack operations and repackaging)
  2. Microprocessor digital temperature control (for continuous monitoring)
  3. Forced air-cooling (for temperature stability and recovery)
  4. Temperature deviation signaling (various audio / video alarms)
  5. CFC-free refrigeration system and insulation

Order Processing (Including Audit Process before Shipment)

Process and work-flow associated with the picking, packing, re-pack and delivery of the items. This is a key element of order fulfillment for distribution centers. Involving the transfer, processing, and checking of order data from the time the order is accepted from the customer until the consignment documents and invoices reach the customer. We deal with technical order processing involving job planning, procurement, parts, assembly and dispatch.

Pick and Pack

IWL manages pick and pack operations for a variety of wholesalers, retailers, distributors, service parts operations and ecommerce companies. We pick the relevant product for each destination and re-pack with shipping label affixed and invoice included. IWL moves thousands of shipments per month, so our pick and pack customers can confidently entrust us with transportation regardless of the shipping mode or location.

Exhibition area for special events to promote your products.

Fulfillment Service

Incoming orders are received, processed and filled. We can either receive and review goods prior to shipping them to the fulfillment center or have them sent to the warehouse directly from the manufacturer. IWL has a network of fulfillment centers, which also handle warehousing, order processing, picking, packing and shipping for customers.

Reverse Logistics

Operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is the process of moving goods from their typical destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal. Effective reverse logistics results in direct benefits, including improved customer satisfaction, guarantee process of goods, decreased resource investment levels, and reductions in storage and distribution costs. IWL manages the surplus as well as returned equipment and machines from all businesses. We deal with events that bring the product towards the customer, the resource goes at least one step back in the supply chain.

Facilities Management

Effective Facilities Management ensures your people are able to perform and that your mission is achieved. IWL approach functions at two levels: strategic and operational. The strategic, focusing our clients and staff on organizational impacts, space-impacted services and costs related to the overall facility plan. The operational, addressing the functions governing the efficient and cost-effective day-to-day management of the facility. Proven approach to Logistics and Facility Management support combines seasoned experience, obtained through extensive and varied past performance, and industry best practices. IWL is committed to completing every program or project on time and on budget through optimizing resources and maximizing results.

Kit Assembly

IWL prepares work to be accomplished by studying assembly instructions, blueprint specifications, and parts lists; gathering parts, subassemblies, tools, and materials. Positions parts and subassemblies by using templates or reading measurements.

Consulting Service

We offer your company solutions in a comprehensive or partial way in order to specify your level of performance and opportunities for improvement in your operations.