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Every package or envelope has an automatic maximum coverage of $100 per box, envelope or package, or $1,000.00 per pallet, if it meets the packing conditions mentioned in the “Packing Conditions” and when it is not one of the articles mentioned in the “Articles not covered”. Should the Client require additional coverage, it can be acquired at a cost of $1.00 per each $25.00 amount of insurance up to a maximum of $500.00 for box, envelope or package and up to $2,500 amount for pallets. 


All claims have until thirty (30) days of the pick up. Customer must provide the following documents: claim form, claim in writing, copy of the pickup manifest with the shipment number, and copy of the invoice with the merchandise costs (not the sales price). 


ISLANDWIDE will not be responsible for the loss, damage, late deliveries or delivery failure of the following articles for transportation: 

  • Cash – or equivalent ISLANDWIDE do not transport cash(stamps, coupons, money orders ,etc.) 
  • Fine Art, bonds, coins, fur coats, precious stones (cut or uncut), industrial diamonds, precious metals, imitation jewel of any type. 
  • Extremely sensitive important articles at the time of delivery or pickup such as auctions, contract proposals, contracts, legal actions, articles which cannot be reproduced and/or any other article which may lose its validity due to delivery time. 
  • Negotiable notes, processed and unprocessed film. 
  • Perishable goods such as fruit baskets and other edibles, laboratory reactive or any other product having a useful life of less than 48 hours. 
  • Light bulbs, ceramic crystal or tiles and the like. 
  • Electronic equipment and / or its accessories. 


For security reasons, IWE can be refuse any shipment that does not comply with the following: 

  • Packages fastened between themselves. 
  • The maximum weight per unit is sixty (60) pounds. It’s as equivalent in cubit feet. 
  • The maximum pallets size is 48”x 40”in base x 60” of height. 
  • The maximum weight for pallets is 1,500 pounds. 


  • From 61 to 70 pounds have an additional charge of $ 2.00 per additional pounds . 71 pounds or more will be transported, handled and collected as a pallet delivery. 
  • Fragile articles must be separately packaged with cushioned protective material (bubble wrap, foam, corrugated dividers, paper, etc.)