Islandwide provides vast solutions for your transportation needs. We focus on results and world class execution; completing and delivering your orders On-Time In-Full.

This solution begins with strong information systems, reliable warehousing and distribution of the product. We can also handle supply current inventory levels to your website, reorder products, and more.

We are a complete Logistics Service Provider

We offer technical solutions, analysis and development support, to be in compliance with the requests from clients with current and future needs. By means of technology, we maintain our employees connected with our customers to receive important information service related.

  • Islandwide is capable of realizing complete integrations, to establish electronic communication with clients or businesses. We can adjust our system to be able to integrate with our customers system. Our IT Department has made full integrations with AS400, Oracle, Microsoft, MAS 200 and SAP via EDI, XML and text files..
  • With our delivery platform "Deliver Web", you can program package recollection at the time you print your delivery labels from any point in the island "Tracking Systems" and digital proof of delivery "Real Time".
  • Drivers are equipped with a mobile app that allows customers to track shipment. Signature is registered digitally, and available through our shipment tracking software on the web.
  • The app allows special instructions to be carried out as requested by our customers. What this provides is an option to carry out additional tasks upon services
  • Our follow-up system can receive any control number from its platform, it can send automatic tracking, updates and/or send notifications during the delivery process (SMS or Email).
  • The central system of Islandwide is based in a "Cloud Environment" and each of our terminals have 3 methods of redundant communication (microwave, LTE and satellite).
  • Business Intelligent Systems and CRM allow for complete 360° view of their shipments, including reports, KPI's, Inventory Control.
  • Our warehouse inventory management system (WIM), is designed to control and manage product flow in our warehouses as part of the supply chain operation. WIM supports inventory control and work activity at every warehousing stage. It application that tracks orders, records product movement/activity in barcode scanning technology and tracks in/out of products from receipt to shipment. It also records receiving, put-away, allocation, picking, shipping, cycle counts and physical inventory.
  • Radio Frequency System -WIMRF is our radio frequency solution that is used on our warehouse. WIMRF supports products movements, cycle counts, physical inventory, order audit, order process (inbound, outbound and returns) and the ability to print the transportation labels.
  1. Full 3PL Provider
  2. Warehousing and Inventory Management
  3. Temperature Controlled Area
  4. Fulfillment Service
  5. Reverse Logistics
  6. Facilities Management
  7. Kit Assembly
  8. Consulting Service
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Islandwide is Puerto Rico's leading Third Party Logistics Provider.

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